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What do you think is the budding company capable of making its employees rich in the first time entering the stock market (issuing its own shares into free circulation on the exchange)? Those who answered affirmatively are right. History knows many such examples. True, they are usually talking about the immediate leaders, who suddenly became multimillionaires or billionaires.

   All the more surprising is the incident that occurred in March 1986, when the initial public offering of a single American company in one instant added four dollar billionaires to our planet and, here, attention, 12 thousand millionaires! Nobody showed such charity in relation to ordinary workers. Neither before nor after. This company patron – known to everyone Microsoft.

How does it start?

Since childhood, Paul Allen and Bill Gates had a reputation for bosom friends. These two personalities united a lot, but there was something that turned this tandem into a strong alliance – they both got carried away with programming. Already in 1972, this hobby led to concrete results – the guys created their own company, Traf-O-Data, specializing in the production of primitive computers to track and analyze traffic.

In March 1975, at the presentation in Albuquerque (New Mexico), at the headquarters of MITS, the program of brilliant friends proved to be an interesting piece with potential in capabilities. MITS was pleased with this circumstance and it announced that it was signing an official contract with Altair BASIC with the performers.

1976 – Microsoft revenues exceeded 16 thousand dollars.

1978 – the first overseas representative office of the company (ASCII Microsoft) opens in Japan.

1979 – Microsoft company changes its place of deployment. Due to the difficulties of attracting top programmers in Albuquerque, Bill and Paul are moving to the state of Washington – the city of Bellevue. By that time, 13 employees worked at Microsoft.

1981 – The start of IBM PC sales in August marked the beginning of Microsoft’s hegemony in the US, and a little later in the international market of operating system developers. The growth of the company forces the management to reorganize its legal form. Now it’s not just Microsoft, but Microsoft Corporation Inc. Bill Gates took over as president of the corporation, and Paul Allen as executive vice president.

1983 – Microsoft expands its sphere of influence outside the United States. Including through the line of new products (Microsoft Mouse) and with the help of a new division – Microsoft Press.

1989 – in August, the world learned what Microsoft Office and its main components are: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other programs from the office suite.

1990 – the launch of Windows 3.0, the updated Microsoft operating system for the latest Intel 386 processors at that time, took place.

In 1995, the world saw the phenomenal Windows 95 (over 4 million copies sold over 4 days since its release).

   This was followed by Windows NT 4.0 (1996), Microsoft Office 97 (1997), Windows 98 (1998), Windows 2000 and Windows Me (2000), Windows XP and Office XP (2001). Experience has shown that each program included the achievements of its predecessor and a heap of new opportunities for the user.

The main events of this period in the history of Microsoft come down to two points.

   The first is the further stamping of new versions of Windows: Windows Vista (2007), Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 (2009), Windows 8 (2012).

   About the “office” package is also not forgotten. The proof of this is Microsoft Office 2007. The end of this holiday “window” OS is not foreseen in the near future, because in October 2014 a public demonstration of the Windows 10 demo took place.

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