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High-quality design emphasizes the uniqueness of the site, program, application, company, service and distinguishes it from the rest of the mass of similar the same direction and makes it recognizable both in the eyes of consumers and in the eyes of partners.

What are the design tips for a successful website

1. Having a strategy. No matter how beautiful the site is, if the user doesn’t understand its purpose, he will admire and leave without buying anything. Therefore, the design should clearly tell the visitor about where he got, what can be done here and why it is worth staying.

2. Ease of use. Usability covers a variety of options, from download speed to ease of navigation and search availability.

3. The presence of style. A good site corresponds to the already existing marketing materials of the company, corporate colours and values. At the same time, the laws of composition are observed and the unoccupied space judiciously used. He arouses the user the necessary feelings: trustworthiness, amusement, assurance, benevolence depending on the goals of the company.

4. Content quality. It consists of two indicators: readability utility. If the useful content is unreadable, the user will never know how valuable it was. At the same time, uninteresting content that does not benefit, even the best design will not save.

What are the recent trends in site design


If earlier only PCs and laptops were used to access the Internet, now devices with screens of different sizes are much larger: smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. To users of these devices was comfortable viewing the site, you should think about the use of adaptive layout.

2.Flat design

The flat design will retain its position, as it focuses on the end user. It is characterized by simplicity, the absence of unnecessary effects and simple typography.

3.Using animation and video

Background videos and animations are used to make the site more lively and interactive.

4.Spreading UI patterns

With the advent of one-page web applications, the sites become more unified. Numerous examples of web design indicate a widespread menu hamburger, a short registration form, logon using social media accounts, a long scrolling, and others.

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