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If your goal is world domination, then Google promotion is the main tactical device. Arm yourself with help from the largest search engine and our tips to promote your site legally and efficiently!

Website promotion on Google: what you need to think first?

Some features of Google promotion or important remarks on internal site optimization:

  1. revise the code, remove all unnecessary, work through the site map and configure Robot.txt;
  2. For this search engine, the most important thing is the uniqueness of the content and its volume, so first, prepare a database of articles with copyright materials (focus on 100 pages) and then post;
  3. design the site page in accordance with the semantic markup, write down all the headers and do not forget about the meta tags in which you can write the keys;
  4. An important point is internal linking, which can weakly weaken your position in case of errors or the presence of broken links. Just in case, conduct a SEO audit and pay attention to displaying 404 errors;

Keywords should naturally be distributed over the text, without creating re-spam – Google doesn’t like this the most!

Having finished with internal optimization, we are moving to the neutral side or what SEOs say only on the sidelines. Yes, SEO-promotion is not always fair and sometimes there are not very legal ways to attract like cloaking or using doorways. Google strictly refers to such things, so regular checks and new algorithms are hard on violators. Temporary sanctions or a ban is a hard erasure of the reputation of both SEO specialists and the owners of the resource themselves.

Buying links to promote the site to Google or “gray” methods to get traffic

Logic Google pleases with its reinforced concrete: the content is good if it is unique and deserves approval from ordinary users. That is why the purchase of links to promote the site can help in winning positions, although not all SEO specialists encourage this way. So, what kind of external optimization options for promotion may be useful to you:

Collect a list of resources where your content will find its readers – it can be thematic resources, forums and other platforms for discussing the right focus;

By the way, an intelligent SMM is able not only to “catch up” with traffic, but also, in general, increase the popularity of the brand, increasing awareness and creating the right image;

Search promotion does not help – Google advertising to the rescue!

There is no PPC-specialists who will not only set up remarketing and context, but also calculate the budget, make targeted targeting and help you earn money more quickly.

As we see, Google is ready to meet business and regularly comes up with new opportunities to promote your project. Yes, and requires not so much – just do quality work for people.

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